"I wanted to tell you just how much my husband and I appreciate your kind, patient persistence with us in the hospital as we learned how to breastfeed our son. If it hadn't been for you believing in us and honouring our wishes to breastfeed, we would not have kept going and it seems as though the rest of the staff would have been fine giving him the bottle.
I have told all our relatives and friends about the "kind, persistent lady that got us through the difficult and stressful time" we had getting Nicholas to feed. I felt such a relief and joy when he finally latched on...we couldn't have done it without you!
We will forever be thankful that we had you by our side, working with us, trying different techniques and encouraging us to keep going. You are a really amazing person and we will always remember you!
You will be happy to know that he is breastfeeding now and doing very well! He is almost back to his birth weight and once he latches on he goes strong! The doctor said that he looks very healthy and is doing great! I feel that this is due to you! It makes me feel so proud that he was able to learn so quickly being the young immature little guy he was! I've attached the picture of him when he latched finally and stayed on for his first good feed as well as the skin to skin picture!
-J.D. 2010

         "Our son was born with a tongue tie, and the problem was not addressed for several days. We were under a lot of pressure to supplement with bottle feeding in the NICU. Thanks to Ronel's passionate advocacy and mediation with hospital staff, the tongue tie was corrected within a few days and we kept our commitment to breastfeed exclusively.
     Despite a variety of challenges, Ronel's many hours of one-on-one coaching and constant encouragement made breastfeeding one of my greatest joys. We are now happy to celebrate well over a year of wonderful breastfeeding! "
A.D. 2012


"I contacted Ronel when my 4 week old son was not gaining weight well. I was determined to exclusively breast feed him especially after not being able to do that with my first son who was in the NICU and required formula supplementation. I did not just want to take medication or supplement with formula when the doctor advised me that my son's growth was not adequate. I had heard from mothering and breastfeeding websites that contacting a IBCLC was the way to go for advice, support and a second opinion. Ronel put me at ease minutes into that first phone call! She was kind, patient and easy to talk to. She was able to make plans to quickly come to my home and assess my breastfeeding situation. She gave me sound advice and worked with me to get my son feeding well for the entire breastfeeding session. Being a second time mom who does a lot of research, I thought I knew quite a bit but there is always more to learn when there is expert advice coming from Ronel.

My son is now gaining well and is still exclusively breast fed. I know that I can call on Ronel to help if he has feeding issues in the future. Thank you Ronel!" - J, 2013

I contacted Ronel after a month of breastfeeding struggles and I felt i was at the end of the line. I wish i had contacted her sooner in hindsight. I was struggling with a baby who had a poor latch (he was latching on my nipple) and was feeding every hour. I was worried that i didn't have enough milk and was topping him up with breastmilk that I had previously saved up. Ronel quickly came to my home and was professional and knowledgeable. Her thorough assessment identified that we not only had a latch issue but that my baby was a snacker at the breast and Ronel helped us address these issues. Ronel also made herself available for phone support once we got things settled and was great at following up. I would highly recommend Ronel to friends and family in the future. - S, 2013

Wow, I am so thankful that you would take the time to follow up with me, that means a lot :-) Can you believe that I think I have been 100% healed from my Raynaud's!? Breastfeeding our daughter continues to be amazing! I have NO issues, not even one! Breastfeeding has been an incredibly amazing experience this time around and I have YOU to thank for getting me started on the right foot. I cannot express enough gratitude to you! You not only gave me practical tips and advice, but you instilled so much hope that this time would be different...and it is! Thank you, THANK YOU! I recommend your name to all my mommy friends :)

M.D., 2013