No taxes charged on fees.

Method of payment: cash, cheque, online banking email money transfer, no credit or debit cards at this time

Initial consultation in hospital or at home: two+ hours  to take history and assess mom and baby, then work with the issues at hand.  Personal written summary notes on our visit given as needed.

Follow up calls are free. $150


Base Rate for Follow-up Visits  Is $80 per hour, and $45 per half hour or part thereof, also for quick repeat latch, test weight, or other sessions


Extensive Breastfeeding Care: When exceeding 2 visits for the same situation, the 3rd and more visits will be $70 per hour.


Phone calls: Initial phone calls are free; full phone consultations are $1 per minute if you live far away or for another reason cannot meet in person.



In a case of financial hardship, please talk to me about payment options. Money should not dictate access to specialized help. All babies have the right to be breastfed or receive breastmilk




Consider getting help

directly after birth/in hospital


MOM has:

a C-section

inverted nipples

no breast growth during pregnancy

breastfeeding difficulty with a prior baby

diabetes or PCOS


BABY is:


down syndrome

cleft palate/lip

small-for-dates or large

one of multiples